Hey Online Course Creator!

Join us for the Ultimate Launch Bootcamp, a bootcamp for online course creators to help you learn how to launch with confidence and make more money than you ever have before.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re making some money online and have people inside your course already!

  • Normal “launch” programs feel overwhelming. You’ve got stuff to do in your business and want quick confidence and a profitable strategy!

  • You have a stack of unfinished sales and marketing tasks in your past that you never got to. (R.I.P)

  • Your head hurts at the idea of all the things that go into launching and you just want a fast track roadmap instead.

  • You’re tired of figuring out launching on your own and don’t want to go through another painful slow sales period when selling your course.

  • And I know you want more…more sales and more students inside your course.

Guess what? You can have MORE!

Launching your course

does not have to feel impossible!

It can be fun and flowy without the massive headache.

You can follow the same data-driven strategy that I use and launch your course the same way.

“As I am gearing up for my next biggest launch yet, this was in perfect timing. I have launched now 4 times and gotten better and more relaxed each time, but being a part of ULB gave me even more insight into the magic of Alex and ways I can improve even being at the level I am.”

– Tricia, Pattern Maker and Instructor

Due to the fact that we all have different businesses, audiences, situations, and work ethics, we cannot promise you exact results.

Imagine if you didn’t feel held back by ...

💆‍♀️ Imposter syndrome because you have daily practices in place to overcome it

💁‍♀️ Leads not buying because your sales page is too confusing and not specific enough

🙅‍♀️ Losing sleep every night because you’re waiting for the next sale to slowly creep in

🙆‍♀️  Anxiously throwing spaghetti at the wall every day leading up to and during your launch

It’s time to have the right strategic roadmap to...

✅ Ensure your launch goals are planned and ready to have your best launch ever

Develop the structure of your launch to better communicate with your team and their responsibilities

✅ Tweak your main sales tools to get more buyers into your course than ever before

✅ Learn about my six-figure launch strategy and how you can replicate it in your business

If you’re ready to take back the reigns​

on your sales plans with a launch strategy that...

⏰  Actually is a lead generating machine for you

🌎  Builds an incredible community that wants to buy the moment you open cart

🤝  Makes you more money than any launch before


A five-day launch bootcamp for course creators

Be the first to know when the doors open again!

Together, in The Ultimate Launch Bootcamp, we are going to focus on five main areas:

  1. Easy ways to tweak your business model to hit your launch goals
  2. Hacks to overcome imposter syndrome and put focus on your overall wellbeing instead 
  3. Ways to refine your online course and prime it for your best launch ever … even as big as six-figures
  4. The Ultimate Launch Framework (my sales strategy for course creators)
  5. How to plan the next launch for your business to prioritize profitability and joy

It’s going to be one week of pure business bliss to help you set up for major money moments!

Join us the waitlist for

When I first started launching, I would pull all-nighters, leave everything to the last minute, and to be very honest with you – I was a go-getter with an epic work ethic, but I didn’t really know what I was doing.

It was all a big guessing game, and I was burning out fast.

But here’s what I did know:

  • I knew that launching was exhilarating.
  • I knew I loved the big paydays launching gave my business.
  • And I loved the way my launches would build my credibility and online reputation.

As I continued to launch and launch over the years, I refined my launch procedures, mastered my mindset, and created a modern strategy that’s easy to Rinse and Repeat, allowing me and my team to have easier and more profitable launches each time. I learned what it takes to not only have six-figure launches, but multiple six-figure launches!

I now help high-level entrepreneurs learn to take their existing offer, implement my Rinse and Repeat strategy to help them ultimately be on their way to a six-figure launch.

What you get with the bootcamp

Day One

Calculating Your Launch

July 18th
8 AM EST – Morning Mindset Session (15 Minutes)
12 PM EST – Live Training Session (45 Minutes)

I want launching to be as close to a math equation as possible, that way it’s as predictable as possible. I am going to walk you through what this looks like while keeping your money and life goals at the forefront of your mind.

We will also go over:

  • Your money goals and business model
  • The Ultimate Launch Framework (my sales strategy for course creators)

Day Two

Packaging Your Launch

July 19th
8 AM EST – Morning Mindset Session (15 Minutes)
12 PM EST – Live Training Session (45 Minutes)

One thing I’ve learned over the past ten years of launching online is that you always want to make it as easy as possible to make the most amount of money while providing the highest quality offer. And that’s what day two is all about. We’ll be talking about what tweaks can be made to how you package your offer that’ll help you maximize your launch ROI.

We will also go over:

  • How to create a “Reliable Offer”
  • How to communicate your course’s value
  • How to get jaw-dropping testimonials
  • An easy upsell strategy to maximize profits

Day Three

Launch Mindset Makeover

July 20th
8 AM EST – Morning Mindset Session (15 Minutes)
12 PM EST – Live Training Session (45 Minutes)

Ready to overflow with confidence when it comes to your launch? No more second-guessing yourself, feeling burnt out, or overwhelmed. I will be teaching you the key mindsets and behaviors that will make all the difference to how you show up during your launch to maximize your ROI and minimize stress.

We will also go over:

  • Your Launch Mindset Makeover
  • Finding your visibility and internal selling power
  • Self-care Mindset
  • Productivity and Confidence Mindset

Day Four

Selling Your Launch

July 21st
8 AM EST – Morning Mindset Session (15 Minutes)
12 PM EST – Live Training Session (45 Minutes)

On day four I’m going to be talking about sales from both an organic vs. paid perspective and will be sharing with you what I’ve learned over the last ten years when it comes to “selling” through your launch.

We will also go over:

  • Your Launch’s Sales Strategy
  • The framework for your open cart period
  • Main sales tools
  • Types of selling
  • Strategies for selling

Day Five

Goal Setting Your Launch

July 22nd
8 AM EST – Morning Mindset Session (15 Minutes)
12 PM EST – Live Training Session (45 Minutes)

By this point, you should feel way more prepared to launch than you ever have before. So on day five, we’re going to talk about how to plan your next twelve months in business to make sure it’s everything you want it to be and more. We’ll identify your next level of success, connect to the vision, and get clear on what needs to happen to make it a reality.

We will also go over:

  • Plan your next twelve months
  • Launch Prep and Asset Creation
  • Launch Lead Magnet Experience
  • Launch Analytics and Launch Sweep
  • Product Development between launches


Welcome Party!!

July 17th at 12 PM EST

Join us live where I will get the party started to kick off our week together! I’ll share what you’ll achieve during your week of ULB, introduce the community to each other, and have an intention setting session to kick off the week together.

It’ll be an opportunity to slow down together, set your intentions, and start bringing your vision into reality.

Bonus Masterclass

Preparing Your Business for Your Launch

July 25th
12 PM EST – Live Masterclass
(45 Minutes)

Ever wonder what systems, tools, and workflows you need to prepare for your launch? I’ve got you covered in this bonus training where you will how to make your launches easier and how to prioritize your wellness to release any stress that comes to mind.

We will also cover:

  • Preparing your team for a smooth launch
  • Where and when to outsource
  • Prepping your external support system

Bonus Masterclass

Preparing Your Community For Your Launch

July 26th
12 PM EST – Live Masterclass
(45 Minutes)

An important part of the launching process is that your community needs to be educated and prepared in advance in order to understand and participate fully in your launch. This training is about focusing on the right metrics and developing a well-oiled customer service experience so you’re building relationships and bringing in the best leads for your course.

We will also cover:

  • Using your DMs to optimize relationship building
  • Attracting the right eyeballs to your community
  • Converting followers into actual customers

Also Included!

✅ The Ultimate Launch Bootcamp membership portal*

✅ Access to our exclusive Circle private community*

✅ Limited Time Replays for all mindset sessions and live trainings*

* Access to the membership portal, Circle community, and replays will be available until July 29, 2022. Mindset sessions are approximately 15 minutes and daily live trainings are approximately 45 minutes.

If you join ULB while we’ve already started (July 18th-July 22nd), you’ll get REPLAYS of past sessions and LIVE ACCESS to upcoming ones.

This is perfect for you if...

✅ You are an online course creator

✅ You’re an A-player entrepreneur

✅ You have a product that you’ve already proven you can sell (i.e. you’ve sold it before)

✅ You’ve started building a team (even if it’s just contractors)

✅ You’re a go-getter & committed to hitting your goals

✅ You’re curious about a Rinse and Repeat strategy and how you can do this for your offer

This is not for you if...

🚫 You are looking to sell a physical product or in-person service

🚫 You are looking to sell a 1:1 service

🚫 You have not previously made any sales of your course

🚫 You are not clear on your ideal client

🚫 You are not open to the idea of live launching

🚫 You have an existing offer about launching

Hear from past ULB students!

“The Ultimate Launch Bootcamp has been a life-changing experience. Being a part of the VIP group was the best choice I could have ever made.

I’ve gone from feeling anxious and overwhelmed about how to launch, worried my offers were not good enough to now knowing EXACTLY how I’m going to do this.”

– Aishah Iqbal, Weight Loss Coach for Doctors​

“The Ultimate Launch Bootcamp helped me understand how important RINSING AND REPEATING is! The more I heard it, the more I appreciated it for what it is! I love that Alex reminded us that’s it OK to have the highs AND the lows. We’re human beings! 🥳 💕  Also, something about a group of people doing something together, feels like magic. LOVE IT!!”

– Emily Shivani, Yoga Teacher

“There was so much experience packed into her suggestions that new ideas kind of exploded in my head, & I now begin to feel that a solid strategy is forming. This bootcamp, including the VIP level, is so valuable, that I caught myself thinking of ways to send extra money to the Team in appreciation!”

– Eric Olsen

“I am so ecstatic about the launch timeline we were given.  I’ve been putting everything I’ve learned into practice and I feel more prepared than ever before.”

– Nicole Callahan, Organize & Declutter Coach

ULB has set me up for success because now I know the mindset shifts I need to have in order to launch confidently and equipped me with the knowledge to know what to do at each step of the way. I feel like I can conquer the world right now. It has been a week full of aha moments and I’m still feeling it. This Bootcamp overdelivered for me.

– Jacinta Amutsa, Copywriter

I loved the Bootcamp! There were so many actionable things it was priceless. You opened my eyes to what a launch actually entails, I’m excited for my next launch. I’m busily planning away and I can’t wait to see the results. I love [Alex’s] genuine, positive and upbeat teaching style.

– Ruth Tsui

Join us for the

You’ll get instant access to the community group where you can start meeting and chatting with your future biz besties!

You’ll get access to our LIVE events which take place July 17-26.

You’ll get replays of the sessions you missed.

“The Ultimate Launch Bootcamp was such a magical and inspiring experience. I loved showing up live with Alex and other business owners every day! The mindset sessions really shifted my energy into a positive space and I received so many golden nuggets of wisdom during them. One of my biggest takeaways was how to structure, set goals and prep for my launch to take care of my future self. I’ll be taking action to implement all of these lessons during my next launch and I have no doubt it’ll be a success because I now know exactly where to focus my precious time, energy and attention. I highly recommend ULB!”

Amy Coop, Yoga Teacher

“I realized how small I’ve been playing! I’m so comfortable on my Insta with my safe audience but I’m about to hit my 5th launch and the only way to grow is GET OUT THERE IN FRONT OF AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE! Thank you SO MUCH Alex. The ULB is insanely valuable.”

– Amee Triscari, Life and Business Strategist

ULB was a great experience. It solidified what I knew but wasn’t doing and I learned new things that I will implement. It also was great to meet others on the same path.

I definitely recommend [ULB] to others if there never launched or know what to do. Even if you know, there’s always something to learn with Alex. She’s the GOAT [greatest of all time] of launching, period.

– Antoinette Burrel, Health & Fitness Coach

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